Saturday, March 12, 2011

Paul is Beef

This post is dedicated to my brother who turns {age undisclosed to protect the elderly} today!!!!

A few memories about my brother!

1. The time he break danced on a piece of plywood for my fifth birthday party. Rad. Totally rad.

2. The time he planted a stereo speaker under my bed and ran wires to a nine volt he had by his bed so he could scare me at night with clicky scratchy sounds...ahh, older brothers rock.

3. The time he told me the back yard neighbors had run a driveway through the back of our garage so they had easier access to the main road. And I believed him.

4. Playing keyboard and singing while he played the drums to Steve Miller Band cds.

5. Stealing his Jerky Boys cds and having him SEARCH my room and NEVER find them! heheheh

6. Making REALLY lame home videos with his sweet camera!

7. Realizing Jon Candy didn't die by getting stabbed in the leg.

8. "what's going on? what's going on?"

9. Who could forget the home movie of when dad dug the basement under the house? Put to a complete Beatles Soundtrack.

10. Riding bikes and wiping out on Maple St because I had to try and eat my skittles while biking. He walked me home to safety.

Thanks, Beef, you're the best brother a girl could ask for!!!
Happy Birthday, I hope your day is filled with awesome events that make radical memories!


Anonymous said...

WOW. My favorite type of present: Memories! LOL.
Best one: "What's going on?! What's going on?!" - because no one knows what that means!

Thanks, Sis! Love you too!

Sew Stella said...

awesome!!! So fun--I have 2 brothers, so I get these!!! So glad my kids will have each other too!!!