Friday, March 11, 2011

Light Saber Holder

I don't know a cooler you? I'm taking suggestions... :)

Ethan was in need of somewhere to "store" his light sabers. We have four now, and every few months, we seem to accumulate one so we needed a holder. Some sort of a display case. I thought I knew what would look nice, but Paul (the Star Wars expert) instructed me EXACTLY how it should look. Diagram and all.
I took Ethan with me to the Big Orange and we got our supplies.
I didn't take pictures throughout the process, but here's what I did...

3-1X4, 1-1X3, and 2-1X2

I took my big ole circle hole drill bit (pretty sure that's the technical name) and drilled 4 holes in one of the 1X4's. I glued and nailed that to the other 1X4 and clamped and let dry. This made the base of the unit.
I used the 2-1X2's in the back as the stands and attached the last 1X4 to that for the "holster" part. The holsters are made out of some plumbing attachment. They were $4 a piece and I cute them in half, so $8 total. Then I cut them vertical so they open but will wrap around the base of the light saber to hold it in place.I lined them up with the holes on the bottom and attached them with small nails.
Then I glued and nailed the 1X3 to the front to "finish" the look.

I spray painted the whole thing black before I attached the "holsters", as they are rubber and were already black.

Now he's equipped anytime Darth Vader makes a surprise appearance!

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