Monday, March 14, 2011


Well it's only taken me 2 shorts years to get up the guts to paint these kitchen cabinets. The Standard Builders Oak color wasn't cutting it for me but I was apprehensive of the undertaking. After reading blogs and getting google help, I finally decided I could do it.
I labeled everything, set up shop in the garage and after 2 weeks (off and on) they were completed. One coat oil based primer and 2 coats paint. Swiss Coffee was the paint color, doesn't that sound yummy??

So here's the before...
Bear in mind this is the DAY we moved in...notice the lack of refrigeration...(and lack of cleanliness)
And here's the after!!!
Now, we want to get a new darker countertop and sink...we'll see when that happens...
I love it though! It's so bright and NOT dated looking!!! YAY!
...and I get to leave it to someone else in a year...*tear*


Anonymous said...

that really does look fabulous! i want to see it in person!!!!

Jason & Christan said...

yeah, LOVE did such a great job!!!!!

hann said...

The advantage to him is that he gets a new counter top and gets help paying for it. The obvious advantage to you is that it will cost you less to repair the damage you caused. All is not lost though. You get to live in a place with a new kitchen countertops.