Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Walkin' in Memphis

One of the perks to this duty station (Officer Selection Officer) is all the traveling Paul gets to do.  Last year it wasn't very feasible for us to go with him anywhere, what with a newborn and all. But now the kids are a bit older and a bit more mobile so we decided to tag along with Paul on his latest trip to Memphis.
We stayed at the legendary Peabody Hotel and got to see the march of the ducks!

The kids were so excited to be a part of it!

We went up to the roof afterwards, where the duck's Grand Palace is located. Ethan even got to see two ducks "wrestling"...and he still talks about it to this day...very embarrassing when he brings it up in public, actually.

I {heart} my goofy family!

A view from the roof of the Peabody

We hit the streets the next day to do some sight seeing. Not a lot going on at 11am in Memphis on Beal Street. Thank goodness.

Beal Street


at the FedEx Forum
psst...apparently this is where sports are played...i have no clue about these things...
you can see here i'm wondering why he's making me stand here freezing to get a picture...

A view up Beal Street

Purple Haze Theater?? No idea, but thought it was cool looking!

It was a short trip but we said goodbye to the ducks before we headed home...

A trip to Memphis wouldn't be complete without at least seeing Graceland. I heard a rumor kids under 5 weren't aloud in...that's what we told the kids anyway. But here's a snapshot of the Presley home:
the wall outside the property is covered in "I heart Elvis" graffiti

Overall, it was a memorable trip, both in photos and in the bank account. Eating in a fancy hotel with 3 children gets VERY pricey. :) We had fun though and the kids are STILL talking about the ducks!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! You should've looked for Michelle Dugger, she was the honorary duck queen for a day at the Peabody....or something like that.