Sunday, September 26, 2010

Generation Differences

Sitting here playing with Ethan and he asked, how many cousins do you have? Wow. Great question. Let's compare shall we?

I Have

Aunts/Uncles Cousins
26 37

Ethan Has

Aunts/Uncles Cousins
4 4 (so far)

Isn't that amazing? I have such a hard time keeping in touch with my extended family, and now I can see why! Ethan will probably be able to stay in touch with all his family when he grows up. It's gonna be such a different dynamic for him than I had. I remember family Christmas get togethers and it was SO noisy and chaotic! Good thing he won't have to put up with that! :) HAHAHAHAHA!

But seriously! How families have changed is amazing! It was never so odd to have 6 plus kids! Now, if you have more than 2 you're deemed crazy! (which I can attest that you somewhat are) But I just thought it was an interesting tidbit to share with everyone...

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Anonymous said...

Ha! Great observations. Yes, I remember those Dare and Fogle Christmas get-together's quite well. Was I the only one that secretly peered across the room to see what our other cousins were opening? I was a brat. :)