Friday, August 20, 2010

My Model for food.
isn't she just darling?! If Hannah's ever having a rough day, I know how to cheer her up, put her in a dress and do a photo shoot! YAY!

Saying, "Thank you for my pretty dress!"


Emily said...

OMG! Could she get any cuter?! And, nice work on the dress. You impress me with your skills!

Karen said...

Adorable pics of Hannah! AND now I can see how cute the dress is. No offense but your talents kind of make me's the jealousy speaking!:)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, like her Mom.

Hannah - it was great to be able to play with you and push you on the swing when you came over to my house. Sorry you felt it necessary to lay your beautiful head of blond hair down on the ground multiple times. Though I don't understand it, I still love you. :)
-Unkle Paul