Monday, October 04, 2010

Welcome Autumn!

Happy Fall to everyone! Hope you're staying nice and toasty with all these cool breezes! I am LOVING this weather! Sure, my sinuses are outta whack, and I can barely breath without wheezing, but it's so worth it to have that crisp air! YAY!
Well, Autumn wouldn't be complete without a trip to the Cider Mill. Apple Orchards are all over in MI, so I pretty much assumed that was the case everywhere else. Well, I was wrong. I told my friend we were gonna try to get to the Apple Orchard this weekend and she just looked at me, "What's that?" HAHAHA! Wait, you mean you don't have those here? I totally had a Robin moment from HIMYM, "You don't have a Danby's Here?! Where do you get your Grizzly Bear Ice Cream Sandwiches!!!???"- only less Canadian.
So, we figured out they're called pumpkin patches (go fig!) and we found a great one to take the kids to this past Saturday! Walden Farms is up in Almaville. (Smyrna area)

Paul and the Kids

"Wait a minute..."

I can't believe I got her to look!!!

Awesome pic! Thanks babe!

My Granty Wanty!

Stuck in the Corn Maze!!!

I Heart this photo.

Ethan being Ethan

What you may not see here is the "bones" long sleeve pajama top under 2 additional t-shirts, paired with red running shorts, soccer socks pulled ALL the way up, dinosaur socks ON TOP of those and Sandals. Oh yeah, and the sunglasses on his head, which would have been goggles if we had brought them with us.

(and yes, my child dresses himself)


Mary said...

Grandma says :"Ethan, you remind me of someone with that get-up! LOVE the outfit!:

Anonymous said...

WOW! Looks like a great time. But now I'm offended cuz I asked to go to the cider mill several times when I was down there and no one ever took me serious. :)

I love the one of E and Hannah giving Grant pink belly in the cornmaze. Good job teaching them, Pauly B! He'll be ready for boot camp hazing in a few short years.

paul D