Saturday, May 01, 2010


Ok, when I said interesting, I guess I said a mouthful. I had no idea that the day would come to this.
Currently I am watching a Mayor's press conference about the flooding here in Middle TN. We have had over 12 inches of rain in some areas and there is one confirmed drowning. The current is picking up buildings and floating them away and then destroying them due to the amount of pressure built up by the water.
For those who know the area, 1-24 and Bell Rd (Hickory Hollow area) was COMPLETELY flooded. This is about 20 minutes north west from us.

Please keep all the folks in our area in your prayers. We've had 3 tornado warnings and several watches. They still expect MORE rain (up to 5 inches) for tonight and tomorrow.
So far, our neighborhood is still above water, but it could all change over night.
Ok, and the news just now issued a new tornado watch. 
Please keep us in your thoughts.
Thank you!

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Nathan & Catherine said...

I am so sorry, please keep safe!! Thinking of you all.