Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back Online

For the last week we've been unable to get online. Paul was very disappointed when he got home to find no internet connection, which also means no home phone since we use vonage. I had to use my cell ($$$$$) for every call I made. Checking email on my phone is fine, but replying is a pain, and account management for bill paying sucks on a 3 inch screen, so we're glad to be back on.
However, what I'm not happy about is the reason we were offline to begin with.
Sunday I was vacuuming the kids rooms and had to move some furniture around as always. We have the modem hooked up in Ethan's closet but the cable runs from his wall in through the closet door. I don't know what I did, but I must have bumped the cable just enough to disconnect it and then Paul's parents got in that night and I didn't even think to check email until Monday morning.
I'm just ranting, I feel so stupid that I didn't check the physical connection first and just assumed it was comcast's fault. AND I feel even worse that I just now thought to check the connection and Paul leaves again in the morning. I hate stupid things like this.

In other news, Paul's family just left after a week of visiting (helping) me and kids. For the first time in my life, I can honestly say there are no projects that need to be done. No organizing, lawn care, home maintenance, nothing. I really forgot how nice it is to have the help of family. Living on Okinawa for 3 years taught me to suck it up and deal or to do it myself, and being this pregnant just doesn't work when you're trying to dig up weeds and landscape the mailbox area. SO I was so happy to have the help of my FIL and BIL with all the manual labor and SO thankful to my MIL to play with the kids while I supervised the men (my favorite job).

All around this has been a great 3 weeks, tough, but great to have the help of others. To all my milwives out there that have done ANY amount of deployment without the aid of family and friends, or hell, even with the help! I commend you. You have my utmost respect for getting through the LONG months without your husband. I still have one more week to go, and this one will be on my own, so cross your fingers for me.

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Abbey said...

boy, i sound really hormonal here...I'm all over the place...