Saturday, July 18, 2009

What gets accomplished...

So my mom and her friend Kim just left this afternoon after a week stay with me and the kids while Paul was away. I have to admit, after driving to DC, I thought the last thing I wanted were house guests. But they were anything but that. Worker bees more like it. After the first night they arrived, did my dishes, all my laundry and picked up my house, I knew this was going to be a tough goodbye today. I had a list of things that I have been wanting to accomplish since we moved in, typical stuff such as organizing rooms, getting some curtains hung and straightening up the yard a bit, but what got accomplished in these last 7 days is unbelievable. E and H make it difficult to do anything (seriously, I get interupted while I'm peeing) so the list was more of a To Do [if i get a chance] list.
Get a load of what we did.
>Sewed new curtain pockets on all my japanese drapes
>Hung curtain rod and new curtains in H's room and mine
>Fixed E's curtain as it was falling out of the wall
>Moved my bedroom around
>Organized my garage (even the screws/nails/nuts and bolts)
>Layed a peel and stick floor and grouted it in the new closet
>Painted the new closet
>Measured/ Shopped for/ and hung all new cabinets and cozies in closet
>Mowed and trimmed lawn
>Weeded all the flower beds
>Organized kitchen cabinets

All this while keeping the 2 kiddos and the dog on somewhat of a normal schedule, and trying to go into labor, AND having all my everyday household chores caught up on. I know I'm forgetting things that we did (give me a break, I'm exhausted).
I am so thankful that they came to help, and it was very much appreciated!!!!! You two are welcome back anytime!!!!
Take a look at the pic of before/after of the closet project. {click to enlarge}
Thanks to Kim and my Dad for all your help with this, I am more than pleased with the outcome!!!

Off to bed now as I prepare for more visitors in 2 days.
Paul...hurry home...we miss you.

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