Friday, July 31, 2009


Sweet silence.
Glass of wine (hey let's face it, he's done baking in there).
Dark chocolate.
maybe some jello, later on.

These are a few of my favorite things. Today.

Paul is on his way back from the happiest place on earth and I am ready to welcome him with open arms. It's really hard when you know he's out to dinner and seeing neat things, and not just miserable at a conference all day long. Plus, I think if the head of my next child wasn't using my bladder for his pillow, I could have made it through the week with no complaints. But, well, we can't have it all can we?
So, here it is, day 5. Hm, 5 days. wow. That's it. 5 whole days. If I was in Oki, this would not be a big deal AT ALL. I had connections, friends, events, routine. I knew where stuff was, how to get around. Here, I have nothing yet. If by any chance you are reading this and live in the Murfreesboro area, you can be my friend!!! We could hang out, get coffee, look for schools to ship our kids off to and then go shopping together!!!! It would be so much fun!!! It's times like this I miss Okinawa and a military base all together. Yeah, there I said it, I miss Okinawa. But not the island, the people, the friendships, the community that looked out for one another. Hmmm. I'll stop now before I starting sobbing on my keyboard.
Anywho, he's gonna be home soon, and maybe I'll even get to sleep in tomorrow. Thanks for putting up with me, facebook fans, and all my stupid updates with how misery and I spent the last week. Now I'm off to watch some trash on tv, and wait for my one and only...

(Man, if you made it through this post, you are truly a dedicated reader. Can anyone say HORMONES?!?!)


Heather said...

Actually, I am in Murfreesboro! And oddly enough, I'm leaving for Oki on Friday. :)

lisa said...

Never thought Id hear you say you miss Okinawa!! Hang in there.

PS- I can't find you on facebook?? Are we not friends? ;)

jen dare said...

i know someone who lives in Murfreesboro and is super nice and has a cute little baby...i can virtually introduce you too!