Sunday, March 22, 2009

On The Move

Here we are, sitting in the concrete jungle with only 10 days until the flight out. I can not express how ready I am to leave. I feel like we have taken advantage of many different sites and attractions in the last 3 years. We've done some twice, even. Starbucks, a few times more than that...but who's counting?
There are a few things I will miss, however. And here, I will list them for you. All you prior and current Okinawa Dwellers will appreciate these things I'm sure, as you others won't have a single clue what I'm talking about...but still read it, cause I would be sad if you didn't.
1. 100 Yen Store
This place is AWE-SOME. You can't even begin to compare it to a dollar store either. It has nice stuff, cool toys, and even some pretty decent dishes. But most of all I will miss the plastic bins, and baskets for the kitchen and bathroom. Now I have to stop before I start crying.
2. The Bunny Store
This place didn't really mean a whole lot to me when it was just Ethan. But when we found out that I was having a girl, it's the first store I went to and I loaded up on adorable, cheap, Engrish clothes for Hannah. I can't walk out of there without a bag full of stuff!
3. Driving Offensively
How could you not miss being able to pretty much run red lights, go around people that are too slow and parking where ever you feel like(sidewalks included)...I mean come on. And as long as you have your flashers on, everything's ok.
4. Laughter=Apology
In what other place could you giggle and have the natives completely understand that you are sorry?
5. Safety
The days of sending your 3 year old to the park while you catch last nights Oprah are over.
6. Coffee Casa, Hearth Cafe, Jakkepoes, oh dear, any cute cafe with awesome coffee over by the seawall or anywhere really...
This needs no explanation except, maybe, mmm, banana pancakes.
I just might cry with this next one.
7. Cocok's Pedicures
Your 25 minute leg massages, the hot towel wraps, your tiny glasses of sweet green tea with little woven cozies, and most of all, the adorable nail art all for an affordable 30 dollars. I will miss you my dear friend.
8. Nice people
Sorry U.S., but you lose on this one.
9. Affordable Childcare
Cherry Blossom preschool taught my son more than most kindergarteners know plus some Japanese language. And I didn't have to break the bank at all.
10. And Finally- The Limited Selection at stores that teaches you to settle on things.
It will be very overwhelming to get back and see an entire grocery aisle dedicated to different brands of cereal. It will also be overwhelming to see that no where else "runs out" of dairy products for days at a time. Yogurt whenever I want?! Wow.

So, there are the cons to leaving. Well I wouldn't call them cons, just little things I'll remember that were nice. But it's definitely time to go. We are looking forward to getting back to the states, buying our first home, and settling into Tennessee living.
Thanks for the good times, OKI, hopefully, we'll never cross paths again...


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