Saturday, March 28, 2009

Almost there

We are Hotel Living currently, and I have to say, it's better than living in the house with nothing. There is a small kitchenette here and we have adjoining rooms which makes nap time so easy. We have full blown cable, internet, and 2 coffee makers. What more could you ask for?
We are here for 3 more nights and then we are off to Hawaii. I'm going to miss it a little, but mostly the people are what I'll miss. The relationships that have grown on this island will never be forgotten, and I really think I will always be in touch with these people. There is such a common bond with Mil Spouses here, the fact that we're all stranded on "The Rock" being a very small one. We have all dealt with our husbands being away for different lengths of time, and without family nearby, we have come to rely on the friendships here to get us through each day.
SO, not so much Okinawa, but more the lifestyle on Okinawa is what will be missed the most.
As we draw closer to our departure, spending time with these friends is what our top priority will be, and letting them know how much they have touched our lives will be our focus.
It hasn't been a long overseas tour, and it probably won't be our last one, but I will never forget this place.


Cat H said...

I could not agree with you more, and you guys will be thought of often and missed dearly! There is so much we wanted to do, and then we both fell pregnant and everything got pushed aside. You guys have long anticipated this move and I couldn't be more happier for your next journey. I am VERY excited for what is yet to come. Thank goodness we still have the BLOG & Vonage ;)

Krista said...

Where are you guys going in Hawaii?

jen dare said...

so sorry that you will miss your friends but we will be happy to have you guys stateside!!! we look forward to our kids all hanging out!!!