Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ethan-isms III

"I want that over there in the grass.  Is that it's NAME?! GRASS!?"
Mom: "yeah, that's right, it's called grass."
"Can it talk?"
Mom: "uh, no, grass can't talk."
"because, is it too little?"
Mom: "sure."

Mom: "Oh no, you peed in your shorts."
Ethan: "oh yes!"

(I have no idea where this came from!)
Ethan: "Wow, look at that crane! Beee-uuutiful crane!"

Having trouble with the internet connection and vonage, I couldn't seem to get a dial tone. When I finally fixed it, I told Ethan to tell me what he heard when I held the phone to his ear (hoping it would be a dial tone).
His answer: "A Car."

Hannah's been drooling a lot because of her teeth lately.
Ethan: "oh no mommy, she, like, spit up."

While I changed Hannah's diaper, Ethan called out:
"Did she poop??"
"I wanna see! I wanna see!"


Anonymous said...

Guys. This is your stodgy old brother. :) I just want to say that it's awesome that you are writing down the wonderful things your kids say. We've done that(never as much as we want!) for years and you won't believe how precious they are to find even just a few years from now. Keep writing them and print them every once in a while just in case this whole "internet" fad goes away soon. :) Love you guys! Come home soon!

Abbey said...

lol, "internet fad", you are stodgy and

The Peterson's said...

Thanks for the prayers for Jack. He is doing much better. I love your site. Hope all is well there. Your two little ones are adorable. When do you come back to the states?