Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just wondering...

I think I had an epiphany today...or maybe just a little realization...or heck, maybe it was just the lack of adult conversation at 4 pm while doing dishes...either way...
I feel like I'm cheating on Ethan when kids come over during the day when he's at school.
There, I said it.  I am unfaithful to my child.  Is that wrong!?
Does anyone else feel this way?  For instance, Catherine and I took an exhilarating walk today which was followed up with some nice conversation and coffee at my place.  Her kids came over and played while we fooled around on the computer.  No big deal, anyone is welcome in my home, the more the merrier.  (PS, Cat, just using this to define my observation, please don't send me hate mail and I never want you to stop coming over! I mean who else would take my family's pictures??..:)  After they left, I went straight to get E from school.  I have to admit, I felt weird for some reason.  When we got home, it was like he knew what was out of place from where he left it this morning.  I felt a tinge of shame.  Like I should have rearranged everything to it's previous state.  But then wouldn't that be trying to cover up the evidence.  The evidence that was so plainly written in the toys. 
Someone else was here, he could sense it.
I just thought it was funny the way he looked around and took everything in before his usual "jump in and start playing".  I never would have thought a 2 1/2 year old would notice anything like this, but I guess that just proves the theory about them knowing more than you think.
Ethan, when you grow up and read this with your friends, just know, mommy's sorry, but you deserve to know the truth.



Mom said...

oh my gosh this is so funny! I can't even think about it without laughing, trying to picture him looking around suscpiously...!

Catherine said...

That's it, I am sending you HATE mail right now lady!!! lol!

usmcfamily04 said...

HA!!! That is awesome! Ethan is so smart. And NO you are not cheating on him...he is off interacting with other adults/ that cheating on you?