Friday, July 18, 2008

Am I the only one?

by Paul
We tried to take Ethan to see WALL-E last weekend.  Abbey will blog later with that story, but I'll foreshadow it by saying that the experience wasn't the success we hoped for.  
I got the gist of the movie right away, i.e. Consumerism breeds waste and gluttony, but I'm a bit surprised with how much this message has struck a chord with the American public.  Every time I've logged on to look at the news over the last two weeks, more and more people are raving about the movie and what an amazing message it sends.  
Hell yes, people!  Quit buying crap you don't need just because clever marketing says you do.  I've always been a Pixar fan...for that matter, who isn't?  But the brilliant team there deserves snaps for crystallizing a very real negative trend in our materialist culture.
All I keep thinking is: Does anyone else notice that Wall-E is a "cute" version of Johnny 5?  Come on, you know Johnny 5!  Short
 Circuit, right? Or maybe Short Circuit 2?  Man, I feel old.


jen and paul said...

yes, it is a mini "Johnny 5"...except when i told one of my cousins that, (she is younger), she said, "what is Short Circuit?" we feel old too, brother...

usmcfamily04 said...

ah...the elderly. I cannot wait to see this movie. someday. on video. Without having seen the flick, I cannot comment fully...but it does seem to be to be a problem. I mean, in my house alone, we have 6 old cameras, 10 old cell phones (which make great kid toys), old VCRs (really aging myself now!), VHS movies, and a ton of other stuff...where does it all go once I cannot stand moving it around anymore?

And did you say they deserve "snaps"? Just checking.