Monday, June 12, 2006

Happy Birthday to PAUL!!!!!

Paul turned 27 on Thursday the 8th of June! (I know - old man!) We didn't really get a full celebration because he was at work most of the day...duty calls. But I made him a cake and got him some snicker-doodles...I think they are his favorite ever since Angela made them at church in VA. He got a card from Me, Ethan and yes...even Louie, and the newest Johnny Cash cd-Personal File. He seemed to have a good day so that makes me happy, and the cake turned out great, double layer round yellow cake with chocolate frosting, his fave!! But as you can see, he is getting old, so when he couldn't blow out the candles all at once the first time, he took my teasing as a challenge and decided to try it again! I think he finally got it on his 3rd try. Oh and the cake was obviously way better than I thought, Louie seemed to love it! (see pic) Then again, he eats his own poop...

Paul also got to take some leave...FINALLY!!!!!! So we had our first "Night on the Town" together in a year and a half. But it won't be happening again any time soon, taking care of a baby with a hang-over is not fun! Now we know why we thought our parents were lame, we won't be making a habit out of this! Well, if this rain ever lets up, we hope to get out and see some of this beautiful island, if not, we'll just build an ark.

Hope this finds everyone well...hugs and love!


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