Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Chompin' at the Bit!
That's right! Ethan's first tooth broke through on Tuesday June 20! He had been running a fever, and we had been to the doctors, and they didn't even say that might be why, but I am thinking now that was the reason. It's his bottom front right tooth. I tried to take pictures, but it's just at the surface, so not to noticable with a camera.
In other news, we visited the Futenma Shinto Shrine the other day. The Japanese come here to pray for their safety and health. We got to see a little bit of the "traditional ceremony" where the guy in the ninja turtle sandals banged a drum then read some Kanji of a scroll. We got a few cool pictures of that.
The day before that, we went to the beach and got some sun. Summer kind of starts the same time as it starts in MI, but apparently, gets a lot hotter and lasts a lot longer. So I'm sure there will be plenty more days that we'll be frequenting it.
On Tuesday, Paul took his Marines on an Okinawa battle sites tour. They went to Peace Prayer Park, (where the last battle of the war was fought), the Underground Naval Headquarters Caves, and to Hacksaw Ridge (where some of the bloodiest battles occurred). He got a few pictures from that.
We also went to the Underwater Observatory, and got a see a few neat looking fish. The weather was beautiful so we got some pictures on the beach and on Pier.
Well, enjoy the pictures, hopefully we can do at least a few more things before Paul goes back to work. Meanwhile, I am recovering from Pnuemonia and Ethan is recovering from a cough and runny nose. Hope all is well with everyone!!!

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