Sunday, February 17, 2008

The ball's in our court!

We finally have a hobby...that both of us like to do...together...and we're kinda good at it!
Saturday night we got a sitter and played our first game of TENNIS together! And if I do say so myself, Paul got schooled! I am way better and he hits like a girl. Ok, maybe it's not that bad, but between "air guitar" on the racket and poses imitating Agassi, playing with Paul can easily be described as playing with Dwight Shrute from the "The Office". In other words, he REALLY gets into it. It was hilarious! We had tons of fun laughing at eachother's follys and chasing after runaway tennis balls.
I am so excited to get out and get fresh air every once in a while. We even bought little rackets for Ethan to play with. We went out again this morning and he, of course, wanted to play with ours, but it was fun to go out and get some excercise.
We're gonna try to go at least once a week, maybe more if we can figure out how to use the courts on the base we live on. For some reason they have padlocks on the gates, as if someone might steal a net or something...who knows.
All in all, I had a lot of fun and am looking forward to getting back in shape before my parents get here in April. I almost fell out of bed Sunday morning, I was so sore. There is no reason I should be completely stiff after an hour of physical activity, pathetic, I know.
Well, hopefully I'll drop all the weight and look like a supermodel by swimsuit season, keep your fingers crossed! HA!

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Brother Pauly said...

Woo hoo! 3 cheers for Tennis! I TOLD YOU, Sis! Didn't we play together back when I was in high school? Or maybe that was just me begging you to play with me since I didn't have many friends. Anyway, when you get home, we should go play doubles! Jen trigger didn't work...but she's still pretty good. Happy for your new hubby-hobby! Game-Set-Match!