Thursday, February 21, 2008

A few bad apples...

Well, it looks like we all suffer when one or two people mess up.
Currently we are on base restriction due to some bad behavior of service members here on island. However, I really don't see how this will "correct" their behavior, because as I see it now, they are still allowed to drink (which played a key factor in all these occurrences), but they can't leave the base. So what's to stop them from raping some other marine, or assaulting another service member in their barracks room...
The big question here is what happens when you lift the base restriction? Are they just going to let loose and go crazy, and then commit more crimes, because they have been locked up all that time? It happens after the typhoons, and being restricted in quarters during typhoons is not a punishment. Frankly, I am surprised there hasn't been a revolt against this yet. Apparently if you go out in town, and someone on patrol sees you, you'll be arrested. What about the women who have deployed husbands and haven't heard anything of this because their Key Volunteer network sucks? What about the Air Force, Sailors, and Army people who think that since this wasn't one of them, they shouldn't be punished? The teachers at DOD schools? The Contractors that are here working with the military, but not a part of it? And what about the Okinawan women who married service members and live out in town with their families. You're telling me you're going to stop them on the street to ask for their ID? Then you're entering the "discrimination" factor.

Apparently the Japanese Chamber of Commerce wanted the restriction lifted after only 6 hours. Gee, I wonder why! Jusco is plummeting in sales? That's like saying Walmart is suffering. And let's not forget all the mom and pop restaurants and shops around town that totally rely on the American dollar! Every time I go into the popular sushi restaurants, they are filled with Americans.
I hear all the Japanese wanted was an apology, and an explanation of how the offenders were being punished. Have we apologized yet? No, of course not, that's not the American way. We don't apologize for anything. We just think we can solve one problem with another. So let's screw over the Japanese economy and prove to them that even with our crime, they still need us.

Ok, so I know what you all are thinking, "don't complain, unless you have a different solution", well, here is my solution:
Ban alcohol.
Let people go out in town and see if anything like this happens when these people DON'T have lowered inhibitions. I can almost guarantee nothing like this will happen. That was the main contributor for these problems, so take it away and see if these problems still occur. Then, if that doesn't work, address the issue more seriously like a base restriction. But don't just jump to the worst possible punishment.

Well, I'm off to spend my money at the PX, so next month they can cut our COLA (Cost Of Living Allowance) due to increased sales on base. UGH.

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Nana said...

So the restrictions are not just for the enlisted military men and women? What ever happened to the gold cards? Was it an officer that did it? That's crazy that the family members are being held up (or should I say hostage) there too, I wonder what that means for people who live out on town...craziness! Hang in there, mama! And you are right...some people should never drink!!!