Friday, January 04, 2008


We are so happy, Hannah Mary has finally joined us! And let me tell you, she's just perfect! She is already sleeping 5 hours in the night, eating like a champ, and smiling (I don't care if it's just gas) all the time!

She was born on December 22ND at 4:40pm. She weighed 9 lbs 1.5 oz and measured 21 inches just like her big brother. She's got some beautiful blue eyes that we hope she'll hold onto, and a full head of strawberry blond hair. We love her to pieces. Ethan is so excited to be a big brother, when she cries, he offers her a train to make her feel better, and every now and then, I'll catch him just staring at her, and saying "hi baby sister Hannah". It's too cute.
The labor and delivery was pretty easy, about 23 hours of sitting around in the hospital bed, and then a half hour of active labor, 2 pushes and she was out. The midwife was freaking out, and barely even have time to put her gloves on. I told the nurse, "I think something is happening", and she was super calm and lifted up the sheet, and then screamed for me to keep my legs together! Paul and I were laughing, cause it was the same way with Ethan-nothing, nothing, nothing, and then BAMM!
It was really rewarding to hear, "we'll be talking about you for a long time, that was unbelievable!" from the hospital staff. We always like to dazzle Drs and nurses with our medical phenomenons.
So far, we are way ahead of the game with breastfeeding. I haven't been sick with mastitis at all, and we haven't been readmitted to the hospital, so things are going a lot smoother than with Ethan. I don't think anything is different about Hannah, I just think I am a lot more relaxed, and willing to give her formula if things don't work out. It has really taken the stress out of it.
Let's see, what else? OH! My foot! It's healing nicely, especially since I am not as big as a whale anymore, so I am happy about that, because we finally were able to start our nightly walks again. We have a really nice double stroller, and the kids (HA, Kids!) love it. I go back for a follow up appointment on the 15Th to see if it's completely healed.
Also, now that she's here, I am kind of changing my tune about not wanting more kids. I don't think our "family building" is over just yet. We'll see though, like my mom says, "talk to me in a year".
Well, that's about it, just adjusting to 2 kids and hanging out these next few weeks. Hopefully we'll be back out and about the island soon, to get in what's left of sightseeing during our last year here!
Hope everyone's Christmas was good and you all had a happy new year!


jen said...

i loved your entry!! so funny and vividly spoken, i feel like i can see just what you are talking about...of course, we love Ethan and Hannah and cannot wait to see all of you again in person!

Nana said...

I am so glad nursing is going better for you this time, how could it be worse, right? Emeril delivery's are the best...BAM!!