Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thought I would write at least one last entry before I become a mother of two. Our little girly is about to make her debut, and we are so ready for her! Christmas is only 6 days away, and we are hoping to be home on Christmas morning, but it's all about God's plan, so we'll see what's in store.
We are all doing good, Paul is home alot more and we are enjoying being a complete family unit for a while.
Ethan turned 2 in October, and much to our reluctance, decided he was ready to start potty training 2 weeks ago...2 days before I broke my foot. Even though the circumstances weren't quite how we would have liked them to be, he did amazingly well with picking it up. He wears his big boy underwear all day now, and only wears a pull-up at night, we couldn't be happier, seeing as with the new baby, diaper costs were about to sky rocket. Other than that huge accomplishment, he's talking up a storm, and never fails to crack us up in conversation.
I am doing well, besides being overdue in this pregnancy, and recovery from my broken foot. I am trying to stay positive.
Other than that, the next big news we will have is of our new arrival. So stay tuned for updates and pics.
Happy Holidays!

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Paul D said...

Yo! It's your Bro. Way to go, prego! We'll look for updates on phone, email, cell, IM and blog so make sure to update all of them (LOL)....we love you guys!