Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Car...again

Well, we are now on our fifth car in two years. Paul's second car died on Saturday and we found out it would be three times as much as we paid for it to be fixed. So we decided to junk it and get a car that has a warranty for the last 12 months we're here.
Since that leaves my car the "least reliable" or "biggest lemon" or "piece of crap" (my fave), that means I GET THE NEW CAR!!! (sorry Paul).
So today we picked out a Dark Blue Honda Odyssey. It's nice, it's a 96, kinda new for Okinawa. And it has enough room for the whole family plus my parents when they visit! We paid a whopping...get ready...3600.00 for it! This new car goes for 25 grand in the states, and something that's 3600 would be considered a huge lemon, but here on good ole Oki, that's a semi expensive car! The only sad part is we know we have to sell it in 12 months. I'm happy though, this means peace of mind while driving across the island to see friends and do things. No fear that this might be the trip that the car breaks down and I have to walk with 2 kids to the nearest Japanese Gas Station and try my best explaining I need a cab to people who have no idea what I'm saying.
Well, I'll post some pics when we pick it up. Hope all is well...
Oh yeah, here's some new pics... :)

The boys admiring little Hannah

Our big boy!

Mommy and me!

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Nana said...

Aaaa, Hannah is so tiny, and Ethan is so big! they look like you I think, cuties!