Sunday, April 02, 2006

Let's start Baby Proofing the house!
Well, folks, he's at it! E is trying his hardest to crawl. Every day he moves a little farther than the last. Right now it's a lot of bumps to the face when he falls, but he is definitely all boy, cause he laughs about it. I am so excited for this stage, however, that means I don't have long before he's into everything. And the way our apartment is designed, there isn't really a spot to put a baby gate up to keep him out of the kitchen, yikes! Well, we'll see what happens. I uploaded a video to our website today, so if you haven't seen it check it out, it's of E trying to crawl. We found a babysitter, and it just so happens that her husband is with Paul in Korea. They work together! What are the odds!!!??? (well I guess pretty good around here) But anyway, she is really nice, and her and Ethan seem to get along good so far. We met for lunch and then hung out at the house for a while to get aquainted, and Louie loves her, so that must be a good sign! HAHAHAHA! She starts tomorrow so I can have my first "baby free" rehearsal! Wish us luck!!

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