Saturday, April 01, 2006

So here we are, this is what I've been doing the last few days/week. I am about ready to throw out some of our stuff, as we have too much!!! I could seriously open a store with all the dishes I have, what were we thinking??? That is called, being very indecisive when you go to register for your wedding!
On another note, rehearsals are going great for Beauty and the Beast. It is very hard for Ethan, however, what with it cutting right into his bedtime. But, good news, we may have found a babysitter. The Red Cross certifies people and then puts out a list so moms like me can have somewhere reliable to go to find good help. I have called one woman and it looks hopeful.
I got all the boxes unpacked and out of the house, and am almost done with putting everything away. I will send out more pics as soon as the house is "beautified".
Paul is doing ok still. He is getting rather homesick though. Everytime I talk to him he sounds more and more ready to come home. That is a good thing, though, cause we're ready to have him home. He will hopefully be getting to take some leave when he returns, so we can spend some "family time" together before he jumps into his new job position.
Hope all is well with everyone back home, we miss you a lot!!


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