Monday, July 16, 2007

Hey everyone, here's a couple of new pics from the last few months...Hope all is well...

Ethan got some new cars at the 100 Yen, and loves making his "cheeze" face!

Ethan got a new potty, right now it's just a toy for him, but he's learning to tell us when he goes!!
Ethan and Daddy love playing Rugby together! Let's hope they don't start butting eachother in the head to soon!

Happy Fourth of July! Our neighborhood had a BBQ, and all the kids had a lot of fun together!
Here's Louie guarding Ethan's house... during the typhoon, this thing blew into a million pieces!! It was amazing to watch!
Other than that nothing's new, we survived the typhoon, and the earthquake in Mainland didn't affect us at all. We are enjoying Daddy being home a little more now that he's almost done being an Aide. We hope to do a little more sight seeing now that he's back. OH! and we are looking forward to finding what we are having on August 3rd. I'll post it as soon as we find out anything!

Hope all is well with everyone, take care!

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