Saturday, February 03, 2007

We're moving! Well, I'm moving...
Paul went away again for another "top secret" mission (LOL!-and I only laugh because if you found out what it was, top secret would not be the first word to define it).
But, we got offered a house and we're moving in.
Let's start from the beginning. We arrived here in January of 06. Paul did the necessary check in procedures including going to base housing and seeing about an offer. What we didn't know (and weren't told) was that if you go to Kinser's housing office (vs Kadena), they will only offer you a tower. Period. No bones about it, doesn't matter if you have a dog, a cat, 6 kids, a trampoline, or even if you're afraid of heights (seriously, I witnessed that one). We were told "they'll work with you" by people who lived on base already, but it was a completely different story when he arrived that day for his appointment. When he argued the fact that we had a dog, and how it didn't comply with the "no pet's in towers" rule, they told him that we were asking for preferential treatment and that was not fair to the rest of the people living on base. Grr.
So, that was that.
We then made our appointment with an Off Base Housing Agency to start looking at places out in town. We were showed three places. One Apartment, One House, and an apartment inside a house with the landlord living right below us. I wanted a house, but the one we looked at was way in the middle of nowhere, and surrounded by neighbors with barking dogs. That one was ruled out within minutes of being there. The apartment in the house thing, well, who really wants their landlord living right below them, really? So, due to our fast approaching deadline for time allowed in temporary lodging, we took the Apartment.
We liked it. It was nice, very open when you walked in, the living, dining, and kitchen areas were in one big room, and then all the bedrooms and the bathroom were off of that. Since we had an immobile three month old at the time, baby gate-able areas weren't really our first concern. The fact that we had four cupboards and three drawers didn't sink in until all our home goods arrived. Oh My God. Where was I gonna put all this stuff?? There were these stainless steel shelving units that came with the place that didn't have any front back or sides, just open and airy, for little fingers to get into everything! And one very small china cabinet that barely held our everyday dishes. I fashioned some curtains out of some canvas from the local fabric store to put around the shelves. Soon, Ethan had figured out how to take them down. So, needless to say, days are very frustrating around here, trying to keep him out of the breakable things. On top of that, we're right in the middle of town, on a very busy street, with no grass in sight. We have front and back balconies that are very narrow and dangerous. So, inside we stayed, unless we drove to a park on base. Talk about cabin fever.
So, we got on the list for base housing, and we waited, and waited, and waited... They finally called (about four months later), and they told us we had an offer. they normally gave you two to chose from, but since we were on the wait list, there weren't two available at one time. So we had to see the first house, decide if we liked it, and if we didn't, we got put back on the wait list until the next house came available. And if we didn't choose that one, we would have to wait another 90 days before we could re-apply for base housing.
They gave me the key for the first house. It wasn't as open as the apartment, but it had door ways that baby gates could be put up in, more storage than here, and...are ready for this...a patio and a back yard with a park we could see from the windows!!! The infinite cupboard space in the kitchen definitely was a plus, but I have to say, the park was what won me over. I immediately pictured Ethan and Louie playing together in the grass with other kids in the neighborhood...he's gonna love it here.
So I accepted, Paul hasn't seen it physically, but I took a video of it for him. He left on Friday and will be gone until the end of Feb. So, he won't be here to help me move. But it's kinda good, cause now I can just take his stuff and pack it up and not worry about him needing anything.

Next week is going to be a very busy week for Ethan and me. We will start contacting movers on Monday, give back and receive new gov furniture on Tues, move on Wed, do the final walk through on Thurs, and the final inspector comes on Friday. Thank goodness it's a local move, I would not want to do a PCS without Paul. Still, even as convenient as "local move" sounds, it's taking a lot of coordination. They won't move our liquids or cleaners or food, so I am relying on the help of friends for that. I figure if each person brings a laundry basket, we can fill it with as much stuff, and then all follow each other to the new house.
I've already scheduled my first get together, in hopes that it will make me get everything unpacked quicker. So wish me luck, as I tackle this project alone. I'll let you all know how it goes!

Oh, and we still don't have a camera, so I guess I will go get a disposable for pics of the new

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