Friday, July 21, 2006

Where did the time go??
Ok, so I obviously became far too engrosed in the world of thanks to Mandy...and have neglected my little nugget here at MSN. So, today, as you as my witness, I vow to keep up on this site and will continue to update as much as I used to, or may God have mercy on my soul...ok, maybe not that serious, but you get the picture, I've been lazy.
So I can't even believe that July is almost over! Do you people have any idea that we only have less than 2 and 1/2 years left here on island?? That is just crazy!! The even more crazy thing is that our baby boy turns ONE in 3 months and 1 week!!!!!!!! What happened to all the time?? My best friend's husband gets back from a deployment in less than a month, and he has been gone the better part of a year!! I thought all this stuff would take so long to get to when it first started, and yet, in some way, it seems like just yesterday that Ethan was born, we were on a plane over here, and Mandy was calling me on her way back from dropping her husband off! Whoa! Ok, enough on that...
So this month has been great. GREAT! I tell you! We have done so much!
We've been to so many different "Tourist" spots on the island, we've eaten at so many new restaurants, and yes! My husband actually likes Sushi!!! I can't believe it!!! I am so proud! *tears*
And we have had a great time getting to know different people and hanging out with new couples and their children.
I decided that Ethan was ready for some serious interaction with other kids this week, and looked into the "Play Morning" at Camp Foster. We went and he had a wonderful time! It is primarily walkers but maybe it will give him some motivation! He is so good with other kids, too, very independent! At one point, this little girl had fallen and was sitting there crying about 6-7 feet away from us and he looked at her, put down the ball he was "eating", and crawled right over to her to see what was the matter. This little girl (around 13 months)smiled, leaned over, and gave Ethan a big hug and said "Hi Baby". It was soooo cute. He just turned around, looked at me and smiled from ear to ear like he had just cured world hunger, and zoomed back over to me and started playing again. I just about cried...I am so glad he has developed empathy for other children, it makes me so proud!
Well, I guess I will conclude it on that happy note, and hope everyone is doing to you all later!!!

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