Friday, April 28, 2006


Well, Paul finally made it home from Korea. He came home on Sunday of this week. Sorry for not posting sooner (mom, get off my back) but I think I caught Paul's sinus infection that he has had an ongoing battle with since before he left to go to Korea! But, I am trying to recover. The commercials I've done have made it quite easy to forget about being sick....oh, you didn't know?!??!
YEAH!!! I am a Super Star now...first the play and now TV! Yep, AFN (Armed Forces Network, the only television we get over here) contacts our director every now and then for people to do commercials and I was one of them! My first one was the role of a "dangerous mom" for a spot for child safety about not leaving your kids in the car unattended. So, Ethan's a star now too, they panned back to him sitting in the car and he didn't seem to mind to much that I had left. They wanted him to cry...guess he only does that when I AM around.
My second spot was as a backround character at an "unsafe barbeque". Our "friend" was using gasoline to start the fire instead of the pre-approved fire-starting liquid.
Now, tomorrow, I have another spot (with dialogue, finally!) for energy conservation. I am going to be the neglectful dorm girl that doesn't care if I leave the lights on, cause "I'm not paying for it!" But then the TSO Agent (Turn Stuff Off) comes and gives me the third degree. I CAN"T WAIT!!!
In other news, Ethan has now been promoted from the Jellybean to the Snail. He is "scooting" everywhere. He hasn't quite mastered the whole one hand one foot thing when trying to crawl, so what he does is he gets up, moves one arm and then other and then lays down and then gets back up and starts over. It's so cute, it takes him like 15 minutes to go 2 feet, but man is he proud of himself when he gets there. His goals have been the diaper wipe container, and Louie's bed (especially when he's laying on it).
Well, guess this is long enough, hope this brings everyone up to date. I'll upload some more pics soon!

Hey everybody, Paul here. Abbey suggested that I share a bit about Korea since I got to stare at it for two months. While I have to say that it was an interesting country, it definitely isn't on my near future to do list to go back there. We lived off of a shipping pier most of the time that I was there. Korea has a reputation in Southeast Asia for making products that are less than high-quality, so needless to say the Marines broke nearly everything there. Seriously, by the time we left, every doorknob, hinge, handrail, window, and wood floor was dented, bent, jammed, or dinged up. Marines have a habit of being rough on stuff to begin with but we sure did a number on that poor area and it's cheap construction. The young people in Korea are fascinated with Americans and yell what little English they know whenever they see a whiteboy. "Hello!" or "I love you!" were common. Ironically, though the teenagers through middle-aged Koreans would just as soon every military servicemember left...and quickly. The old people, however, as in those who remember the Korean war, truly appreciate how America saved their butts and were more than happy to show us the utmost respect. Old women were often seen pointing out the eagle, globe, and anchor on our uniform to their children or grandchildren and muttering in Korean, presumably something about how Marines are the reason there is a South Korea. After the "lecture" the kids seemed to look at us a little more awestruck than hateful. Korean food, I discovered, is not my bag. I tried everything and think I like Japanese food much better. Something about cabbage that gets buried for a year; yech! Overall, though, it was a good time. Abbey will share some pics when I get them developed from the cardboard Kodak I bought for the trip. Later. - Paul

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