Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter
It was Ethan's first Easter this year! It was great, I woke him up to see what the Easter bunny got him! He loved his basket...but I think he liked the fake grass the best. We had Easter Dinner here with Catherine, Nathan, Victoria, Nicole and Parker. It was really nice. The only bad part was when Paul called to say that the boat had been delayed another 24 hours and now it looks like Thursday Morning that they will be getting home. I'm sure this will change again, but I feel really bad for him, they shipped all their gear back and took their cots away so they are in a big warehouse sleeping on a cement floor and sharing 2 toilets for over 100 people. Yuck! News is that they will be moving them up to Camp Humphrey (North of where they are) so they can at least have something to do during the day. Well, hope everyone's Easter is well, Have a great day!

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