Saturday, March 11, 2006

Louie is now my shadow...

The other day, our neighbors child accidentally knocked over a big heavy cardboard tube (the kind they use for carpet/rugs) and it hit Louie on his back. He yelped a lot and ran and hid behind a chair. I don't think he realized where it came from though, because he isn't afraid of the tubes, he is afraid of the ceiling. I think he thinks that something dropped from the ceiling and hit him. So ever since then, he has been really close to me, hiding underneath things, and keeps looking at the ceiling and shivering. I hope this doesn't last until Paul gets home, I don't know if I could handle him and Ethan wanting my one on one attention.

On another note, Ethan started solids this week. Thursday, he had his first cereal for breakfast. He didn't seem to like it at first, but towards the end, he was grabbing the spoon from me! We will see if he does ok with this, and then next week we'll try something new, like sweet potatoes.

Paul has been calling a lot more lately, his work load isn't as heavy. He has a cell phone in Korea, and from our vonage phone, it's only 6 cents a minute! So I called him today on it, but he is to professional, so he had to call me back...hehehhe. Him and another marine have been doing a lot of "shopping" since Korea is the hub for designer stuff. I can't wait to get another package! He is doing well, he is dealing with constant satellite issues everyday, and his theme song is "99 Problems" but I think secretly, he likes having the responsibility. He is still fighting a cold/sinus infection, and I am sure the cold weather there doesn't help. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers for a continued safe exercise and flight home.

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