Monday, March 06, 2006

Today, Ethan found my foot while I was changing his diaper, and he started giggling when I wiggled my toes. It was too cute! He misses his daddy though, I played a voicemail that Paul left and put it on speaker so he could hear, and he just smiled and started laughing! It almost made me cry!
Paul called today, finally. He has been very busy setting up the communications for this OP that they're doing. He is in charge of all the communications (OIC). I don't know, I think it means he's important...hehehe. He said things should be slowing down here in the next few days so he should be able to call more. However it is $1.50 a minute, so he doesn't want to talk for too long. One of his marines cut his finger to the bone, so he had to deal with that, he's ok, but OUCH!
A friend and I have been walking/running the last few days. It has been about 70, and I actually have a sunburn! Yea!!! Today, we went 5 miles, with the kids in strollers. Louie walked a long way, but he got tired so I put him in the basket underneath for parts of the trip, and he really seemed to like that!

Here are some more pics, I hope they load, otherwise, please go to Yahoo, this thing is really irritating me. These are my faves. I am thinking about entering him into a cutest baby contest on base, I may be a little bias, but I think he would win...

Ethan got a new walker and he seems to like it very much!

Definitely his daddy's boy!!

It's so true!

I am such a big boy! Hurry home daddy, you don't want to miss too much!

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