Sunday, February 26, 2006

So I guess no pics would upload that day, so here are some. Grandma Dare sent some rather cute OshKosh outfits Ethan's way, and he LOVES them!!! (along with peas, green grass and crocodiles:)
Ethan has taken to the bottle quite quickly! This is easier than I thought!
(Just kidding mom, I know, "Hold your baby while your feeding him!"...I do! I promise!!)

Ethan is rolling all the over the place, whenever we put him on the floor, he trys to make a "U" with his body, then he flips right onto his tummy and then laughs about it! We can't believe how strong he is already! There is no leaving this kid unnattended for one minute anymore!!! Just today, he tried to roll over in the tub, very scary!!!

I am trying to upload all the pics, but this site isn't letting me. So, visit our yahoophotos site for all the good ones!! Hopefully this link takes you there.

Talk to you all soon!!

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