Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Well, well, well...
Paul left for Korea on Monday. I wasn't really feeling very sad about it, I have been through this before and plus, now I have something to constantly keep me busy, i.e. a dog and child. I had to get a little choked up though, when he leaned into the car and and told Ethan to take good care of Mommy and Louie until he got back. I lost it. I know he is in no danger, but I still wish I could go with him, afterall, they have quite a selection of designer purses there.
So I am keeping myself busy, trying to go to the gym and see some sights in my down time. We still are without our bed, tv, and all my craft stuff, so I am really bored. I used to use the tv as "company" in VA, and I really miss that. Now I can hear all the sounds of the street and the people living next door, it is really noisy here. So far, all I have done is taken a walk. I threw Ethan in the stroller, grabbed the dog and took a nice long walk up and down our main drag where we live. A bunch of Japanese children passed by me at one point and all I heard was
"Koo-why-eee" which means cute in Japanese. I am assuming they were talkeing about the dog and Ethan, because they were like, 12.
Well, I am off to the gym and hopefully going to get a good workout in. I'll be back soon with more updates.

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