Friday, January 20, 2012

Hannah's Birthday!

We can not believe our little girl turned 4 already!!! It seemed like just yesterday Paul was getting called into duty for the day and I was yelling at him telling him I'd surely go into labor if he did!!! (and I did!)
She is becoming a real princess every day. She loves to play dress up in beautiful dresses, crowns and shoes. She says words like "interesting" and "complicated", though I'm still not certain she knows what they mean. She's BFF with Louie and she's already started asking us if she could get a pet that's all hers. (she wants a cat though and since there would be a risk of me basically dying if one entered our home, it won't be happening)
She loves her pasta, playing school and she changes her name every day to something like "Shoktee" or "Kydoo". She calls me beautiful and her daddy handsome multiple times a day. Even though times are very tough for the average 4 yr old, she's learning how to manage a little better each day. For instance, when she lost her "very special rock" last week, she only cried for 30 minutes as opposed to the usual 3 hour melt down. 
She is certainly a blessing to our family and we are so thankful for her. 
Happy Fourth Birthday Hanna Banana Grandma!!!!!

These are the amazing cake pops my friend made for her birthday!!

A little posing...

Her new crown and scepter, now she's official!

Wave to your adoring fans...

I've never seen a bigger smile from the Happy Birthday song!

Her favoritest dress that she waited so long for!

Daddy even made it home early for her special day :)

Her friend admiring her crown while H colors in her princess books

Nearly every gift got this reaction, I kid you not.

She made ME smile so much that day!
I'm pretty darn sure she had a wonderful birthday!


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