Saturday, April 23, 2011

2 Years in TN

(I wrote this yesterday, but it didn't post)

Well, it's been an interesting 2 years. Today marks the anniversary (being that it's Good Friday) of the Deadly Tornado that ripped through Murfreesboro in 2009, 3 days after our arrival to the states. As you can imagine, I'm delighted to see blue skies this afternoon.
We've had eventful weather since then, to say the least. It seems like whenever we get to a new duty station, we bring the "worst case scenario" weather with us. Okinawa used to get tropical storms that would shut down the base for days...before we got there. After we arrived, typhoons came few and far between and when they did hit, it was always on a Friday afternoon. They also didn't have any real catastrophic winds...before we got there.  2 years in, we had a record Typhoon that flooded some areas and required weeks of cleanup.
Then, TN.
Ahh, good ole Tennessee. "Oh, the weather's beautiful!" and "Snow!? It HARDLY snows in Middle TN!" were amongst many of the rave reviews we got about Tennessee's climate before and upon our arrival. Two years in and we've had "The most humid summer", "The 100 Year Flood", and an ice storm that was "The worst middle Tennessee's seen in a LONG TIME!"

Really!? What is it about the Bertolone family that brings the bad weather out? Don't get me wrong, there's been a lot of GREAT weather too. It just seems like when it's bad, it's as bad as it can get.
The last few weeks have been stressful to say the least. Paul's been out of town a lot and it seems like every other day we're getting severe thunderstorms, 50MPH Gusts of winds, or Tornado warnings. With the only safe area in the house being the half bath off the kitchen, it's safe to assume things get pretty tight, and I'm definitely waiting until the last possible moment to get 3 kids and a dog in there and hunkered down.
My plants have been "flooded out" and all the petals have been blown off my tulips where they lay drearily on my concrete front walk.

Now it might sound off that I'm even typing this today, what with the sun shining and birds singing away outside my window. But that's the strange thing about TN, just this morning, it was overcast and rainy. I really thought we'd be inside all day.
Also, the weather affects not only my sinuses but my mood. I've been less productive lately. Usually I find myself knee deep in 4-5 crafts/home improvements at any given moment. I've had zero motivation and have watched more tv than I care to admit.
While out with a friend during a surprise thunderstorm I told her, "I can't take this anymore!", she replied, "This is April in Tennessee, remember?!"

It's all perspective though, here's the Top Ten in Ten worst weather happenings in TN. And I'm really glad I wasn't around for this one.

Well, I hope this all clears up soon, so I can start complaining about the hot and humid weather!

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