Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Twenty Eleven!!!


seriously. is that what we're calling it?
I think I like two thousand eleven better, just seems like better grammar. And you's all knows me takes on great gramma.

So here we are. Another year. We were truly lame this year and were in bed before midnight. And not like, "oh, it's 9:30, let's go to bed" lame, like, "it's 11:50, wanna stay up? No? K, let's hit the rack." L.A.M.E.
It's sad really. Paul and I kinda partied ourselves out in MI. The night before we left to drive home, we attended the annual dinner that all his friends put together and stayed up until...wait for it...12:30!!!!! We're so fun!
Well, this year brings a little change, but not much. Ethan will be starting Kindergarten in the fall, I can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday we were talking about hopping on the TBS (The Basic School)or what we called it-(the baby school) bandwagon and trying to get pregnant! I can not believe he is already 5. He'll be 6 when school starts, and it's just amazing to me that time went by that fast!
Hannah just turned 3 at the end of December and was moved up to the "big Girl/Boy" room at preschool. She is really excited to be in a new class with  new teachers. I also can't believe she's already 3. She's as tall as Ethan now and refuses to stop growing! The nice thing is she can stand up for herself now, though. :)
Grant turned 1 in August. Ugh. No more babies. No more bottles. No more midnight wakeups. (well not for him, anyway) He's running after his bro and sis and trying so hard to get a word in  at every opportunity. He's grown so much and we enjoy his belly laughs and joyful smiles everyday.

(louie is still fat and lazy)

The changes that are in store for us this year are on more of a personal list, and not so much a transitional list. We won't be moving, starting new jobs, buying new cars, or having new babies (fingers crossed). Instead we've set some personal goals for ourselves that we really want to stick to.
Paul and I are going to run the Music City Marathon in April. (Please pray for me, since I don't normally run. Ever.) 
Other than that, nothing's really new for 2011. I turn thirty. But we really don't even need to mention that to anyone. That can just stay between you and me. Deal?

ok, well, here are some pics...

G discovered the cowboy hat on the lamp!

This is their "pose" for Christmas Morning.

We took a trip to Historic Bell Buckle with my dad. It's always a fun time! Antiques, an old soda shop and home of the RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival!
The uniqueness of this town is just beautiful!
This is how cool this small town is. It just screams early 50's!
i hate that H is blurry, but what a cute pic!

Just me and my dad.

So while we were there...
Hannah started her modeling career...

apparently so did Ethan...

My dad realized his arch nemesis follows him everywhere...
(he works for State Farm)

And Paul enjoyed a wonderful cup of Hot Cocoa.
It was good. I tried it.

Hope everyone else did something fun and exciting for their new year. You can pick up my slack...
Here's to a wonderful 2011!


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Anonymous said...

you guys sound about as exciting as us. i was watching tv and paul was in the kitchen at midnight. i yelled up "happy new year" and he yelled back "oh, is it?" LOL