Wednesday, January 19, 2011


As most of you know, we only have a little over a year left here in our first home. And if you know me, that means I'm already preparing for the move. Because I'm crazy. And I know that. I'm ok with it. I think. No I am. really.
Ok, so what's first, you may ask? First, I had to clean out the cupboards in the kitchen. We've simplified over the last year, and with a few trips to Good Will and a big garage sale, we've pretty much gotten rid of anything that isn't necessity. My cupboards are so organized, it makes me happy to put dishes away. I know, right? I just mentioned happy and housework in the same sentence...I told you I was crazy.
So next stop for me was the laundry. But let's rewind. We moved into this house in May of 2009. For almost 2 years I've dealt with storing my vacuum in plain sight due to TOTAL lack of storage space. The only closet it could have been stored in, I of course ripped out to make and entryway for all our coats and shoes. Though I do love my vacuum (It's a purple dyson, who couldn't love it), it's usually filled with dirt and dust, so I don't like leaving it on display. SO fast forward to now, and I needed to find a spot to put this thing. What more logical spot than the laundry room. It's located upstairs, right off the bedrooms, and would be very convenient. Hmm, problem was, there was wasted space. It's a long narrow room; closet, washing machine, and dryer right in a row with a small space on the floor for a basket. That just wasn't working for me. SO here's the before:

What I did was:
Moved the washer and dryer under the window. (Had to run to the big orange to get longer intake hoses that would reach, like 14 dollars total) Still side by side but I've freed up room next to the closet to put the vacuum! I used my new circular saw! to cut down the counter top (which is really just a cheap luan door painted white) to the new width of the room, and Voila! A new and improved "walk in" laundry room.


LtoR- Basket of outgrown clothes for consignment, rags and old towels for quick cleanups, baskets of Laundry supplies, batteries, lightbulbs, etc., hangers for kids clothes, best sign ever, (not pictured)hangers for Adult clothes

(LtoR-Basket on floor to ensure proper dirty clothes placement~yeah right, Colored bins for each child's clothes, small wastebasket to collect lint/dryer sheets, and there's a small basket to collect coins and toys found in pockets, not pictured is my vacuum, the reason for all this chaos, but it's right next to the laundry basket!)

(I think there might be room for a small chair and book in the corner, if I could only find time to sneak away)

Next up! The garage!


Mary said...

cool! I always hated it-it was so narrow it made me feel fat! a laundry room shouldn't be able to shame you.

Emily said...

Seriously!! You are awesome!! Nice work, super impressed.

ace and friends co. said...

ok... so i just read you used YOUR new circular saw... that is indeed, very impressive! You are quite the DIY queen! Now, can you come to my house and organize it! :O)

Anonymous said...

dude, i've got to totally out myself as a complete weirdo here and say I LOVE IT! I don't do half the laundry my wife does, but sometimes it's the quietest room in the house is the LRoom. I would never come out of yours, sis!