Saturday, December 11, 2010

The world according to Hannah...

According to Hannah:

You can't have a party at a house, you have to GO to a party.

When anyone falls down on tv, they're dead.

When you say a name or place that she doesn't remember, she'll repeat it and then tell you "I don't know that word."

Louie doesn't eat grapes, he eats dog food, cause he's a fat dog.

All ornaments on the tree are called jingle bells.

When she grows into a boy, she'll be able to pee standing up.

When she grows down, she'll be able to play with grant's toys.

When you're six years old, you can go to karate.

Her poopies are sometimes " understand."

Hannah's going to turn 3 this month, and she knows that, she is very excited to be "bigger"!
She's growing up so fast, she's got her own little personality, and with that comes attitude, but someday that will come in handy. She says so many hilarious things we can't keep up, but we'll try, cause I can't wait to read these to her when she graduates!!!

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Anonymous said...

LOL!!! AWES. SOME!!! You grew down, remember sis?!?! lol

love it! keep writing them down!!