Monday, February 15, 2010

Love is in the Air

We had a wonderful Valentines Day. Paul came home from traveling all week, but he really pulled out all the stops! I thought for sure we would stay in, usually he's exhausted from his trips. But we got a sitter and headed out for my big surprise. I *honestly* didn't know where we were going. (Usually I prod enough and break him down into giving me a hint where I can come to the conclusion on my own), but not this time.
First, he took me to Kay (Every Kiss Begins with Kay...) Jewelers to get my new Eco-Drive (ambient light powered) watch to get sized! It's so sleek! He made an excellent choice!
Then we went out to eat. Or should I say, we went to the restaurant, walked in the door, heard "2 1/2 hours" and walked out. So we decided to eat later.
The drive began. Every turn knocked one of the options out of the running. I had no idea. We headed for Nashville, then towards Knoxville! I was stumped!
But just then we turned of the highway on to Opry Land Drive!!! Woot Woot!!!!
He took me to Opry Land!!!
If you haven't heard of it...check this out...
The whole night reminded me of every cool place we had ever been together! It had the History of D.C., the quaint cafes reminded me of Jamaica, the tropical feeling of Hawaii was there, and they even had a sushi bar which brought back memories of Okinawa! He joked that that was exactly what he had planned all along! :) Well, he did a great job in my book! And it was a well needed night out for the two of us. We ended the night with an authentic Irish meal at a pub (with live fiddle players!, Oh Cleary's how I miss you!) and a stop at the Godiva Chocolate store for some truffles and chocolate covered oreos.
We didn't staty the night, but we were planning our next visit before we left!

{Pic1-Outside view of OpryLand; Pic2-One of many waterfalls inside;Pic3-1 of 5 Atriums they have in the world of awesomeness!}

Thank you, Paul, for everything you do! You are the best man a girl could ask for! I love you with all my heart!


Anonymous said...

Precious to hear! Way to go, Pauly B! I just listened to a great little "sermonette" on how to battle conflict in marriage (for when times aren't quite as dreamy as V-day)
It's here:

love you!

Allison said...

I want to go there! Thanks for stopping by my blog...and that little stuffed guy on my Ben's bed you asked about is called an Ugly Doll. You can buy them at boutiques and some specialty stores and lots of spots online. I love them they are like cute but ugly stuffed animals for boys! Thanks for saying hi -Allison