Saturday, January 30, 2010

An Apple a day...

Seriously! Stop creating new products! We're drowning! We don't know what is necessary, unnecessary, must have, too cool, or a flop anymore!!! I love my iPhone. I do. I was skeptical, I'll admit. I thought, why not just get a cheaper phone that does somewhat the same thing? But now I don't know what I would do without it. It's gotten me around my new hometown, looked up drs phone numbers on the run, made appts with calendar in hand (knowing what Paul's schedule is as well), and even given me some time-killers (sudoku) when I'm waiting for an appointment.
Now, I also love my Mac. It just works. (ha!) I've never had a virus. I've never had it freeze up on me. And I have over 10,000 pictures that don't take 20 minutes each to load. I can check my email, view my facebook, upload pictures, all while creating a new blog header in photoshop, and I never have to worry about the blue screen of death that I hear so many Vista users talk about.
So, Abbey, why the heck do you think we care about this??!!
Well, I'll tell you. Apple just launched it's new product called the iPad. Besides it's unfortunate name, it has a few other downers as well.
To Paul, me and MANY Many others, it's a glorified iPod Touch.
Now let me go back. Two nights ago. When my nerdy husband and I sat in bed excitedly watching the Apple Keynote presentation, I admit I got really pumped and told Paul I wanted one. He wasn't sold yet. In Fact, his words were "underwhelmed".
"But look at everything it can do! Full internet pages! Great quality videos! A Book Store!!!"
"It's what it can't do."
Dare you say that Apple will be launching a product in a mere 90 days that doesn't go above and beyond their last product??? I SAY! Dare you!??!?!  Blasphemy!!!
...hmm, then I started thinking. I'll prove him wrong. It's because he has a laptop and an iPhone that he thinks there is no need for such thing. Ah ha! That's it! I need one because I don't have a laptop.
"But you can't run Snow Leopard on it." (for all you windows users, that's what mac calls it ever dominating operating system)


wait. Let me get this straight. You can't run OS-X, which means you can't multi-task. There's no phone. There's no cd-drive. There's not even Flash. The one thing they could have done right was to make it Flash compatible! And they didn't. WHY!??!!?

Because then, they couldn't get you to buy the iPad-Overnight with Wings.
THAT'S when it'll be the laptop with no keyboard, instead of the iPod Touch on steroids.


Mom said...

seriously, did you write this? you're getting better & better, I think Paul's journalism degree has rubbed off

some people still live with a open/close cell phone, no cable, & a laptop that doesn't absorb anything!

only men would have named it a pad..........

Jen dare said...

aside from the 'pad' jokes...i don't even get this post...i am so computer-DUMB!!

Anonymous said...

why can't I just click 'LIKE' on your blog?

I like this.


Anonymous said...

Apple? Is that company still around?