Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year!  We did the usual...nothing and in bed by 10. I guess our younger days of partying have caught up with us. The Japanese sure do love them some fireworks though, Ethan woke up terrified of them and it took Paul a good half hour to calm him down. (I was in a benadryl induced slumber).
As far as resolutions go, I'll remember to ask Ethan tomorrow what his is, and I'll let you all know. Paul's is top secret OPSEC and if I tell you he'll kill me...or you...I forget how that works. Mine is to stop my obsessive shopping disorder. Well, ok, so it's not obsessive, but it is a disorder. And I think mine will also be "being more proactive". Survival mode is over since Hannah's been born and It's time I get on the ball with a few things.  So if you're some of the unfortunate few that suffered from this (i.e. untimely birthday cards, phone calls, etc...) please bear with me as I turn over a new leaf... :)
I wish everyone a fabulous 2009~may all your hopes and prayers be answered and may great change happen for us all.

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