Saturday, November 01, 2008

Where are the PICTURES!!?

I know I know...I suck. Got it. Check. Worst updater Ever.
Here's the story (excuse), besides being very overwhelmed this week with appointments, dress making, E's Birthday, and Halloween, our computer decided I had far to many pictures and became full. 250 GB full. I know. I was shocked. Paul was more.

So we deleted a few unimportant photos and programs...(wedding pics, birth of our first born, stuff like that) and we have more room now! YAY!
So, without further ado...
Halloween 2008:

She was so good, she just sat and held her light the entire time!
Everyone wants to touch superman!
I can't even believe I got a semi smile with both looking at the camera!

Happy Boo! To YOU!

See dropshots for more, and birthday pics coming soon!!!


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usmcfamily04 said...

great halloween..United States!!!