Saturday, November 08, 2008

Marine Corps Ball Take 2

Last night we attended our second Marine Ball of the season.  This will make a total of 8 that we have attended since our first date at the ball in 2000. (missed a couple due to pregnancies...)
The Ball is the same setup each year.  You have co
cktail hour, the ceremony of the colors, cake and introductions of guests. The Guest of Honor gives a speech and then the colors are retired and everyone eats, drinks, and dances. After 8 years, you expect this and start to get bored of the routine. At least I did.  It just turns into something you do once a year. You spend all this time on
 getting (or making) the perfect dress, doing your hair just so, the Marines are worried about fitting into their uniforms and making sure they're wearing the correct "flair" and you get lost in all those details and forget about the big picture. But last night I was reminded how blessed we are. Last night I really listened. Last night I really understood just how proud Marines are to be a part of this elite group. 
We had a good amount of Japanese guests and dignitaries invited to the ceremony. The look of excitement on their faces made me realize how special this ceremony is. You
 could tell some of them had never seen anything like this. They had never seen "Patriotism". At the start of the National Anthem, every American Woman placed their hands over their hearts and every Marine stood at attention.  It gave me goose bumps.
It made me not only appreciate the fact that I am a born and raised American citizen, but it made me appreciate the fact that I wasn't born and raised anywhere else. I am glad to know that I did not have to grow up in poverty not knowing when my next meal would be. I am appreciative of my choices that I was given in who t
o date, who to marry, and where to live. I am thankful of all the many things that Americans so often take for granted, like heat when I'm cold, water when I'm thirsty, and food when I am hungry. Most countries do not live the way we live. That's bec
ause most countries didn't have an elite fighting force like the Marines protecting and defending our Constitution. We are truly a great nation and we should all be thankful for that.
So on Monday, November 10th, 2008, wish a M
arine a Happy 233rd Birthday. Without them, the world would be a very different place.
Happy Birthday Marines. Semper Fi.


usmcfamily04 said...

You guys look great! 8 balls? Wow! I have been to 2. This was the second.

(Why did Paul wear the other uniform? Is that standard over there?)

Yvonne LeBrun said...

Not one but two balls... you lucky lady! You both look fabulous!! I'm really liking this pink dress, it flatters you so well. I love reading your thoughts and think this one is very touching.

I was wondering, like Ms M, why Paul was wearing this uniform. I thought only Majors and above wore this? Remember I'm not known for my military uniform knowledge.

Abbey said...

The Evening Dress is authorized for all officers and SNCO's, although it's a required uniform of Majors and above. So anyone c an wear it as an officer, but since it's not required as a Captain or below, that is my guess as to why people don't get them. My husband's a little gung ho, I guess.

usmcfamily04 said...

Well I hope that he got a good deal on it, because I know we would not be able to buy another dress uniform!!!

Jim wants to know if it is more comfy...he says it looks more "forgiving" (you the pants you wear to thanksgiving dinner!)

And yes, the pink is a good color on you!

Yvonne LeBrun said...

I'm wondering if I can talk Jeff into wearing it next year... it does look a little more fogiving than his current suit if torture (and I mean that with love and respect towards to the corps)!

Paul Bertolone said...

It's totally more comfortable than Dress Blues.

And, yeah, any officer can wear them... WOs/company grade folks have different cuffs; otherwise it's the same uniform (note the quatrefoil versus the field grade style). You're not required to buy it until you're a major so Abbey's right, most people don't. But it's worth the scratch for the comfort.