Thursday, November 06, 2008

Lost and Found

3 days ago, I arrived in the bathroom to cleanse my mouth and discovered the missing utensil.  I searched high and low thinking it would turn up somewhere.  I thought I was taking crazy pills, since this is now the second thing I've genuinely misplaced in the last week.  I asked Ethan, and though a riveting conversation took place, he had no hints to where it might be. I asked Paul. Paul doesn't lose things. He doesn't really own anything either, so that's an unfair advantage if you ask me. Hannah just cried when I walked out of the room to look for it. I did wonder if Louie might have taken it into the kennel to chew on it, but it wasn't there either. Where could it have gone? I had no idea. I gave up looking and bought a new one since the "free airport" model my mom left only brushed one tooth at a time. It's Japanese. Everything's small in Japan.
10 minutes ago, I literally went to the bathroom, opened up the new toothbrush, put it in my medicine cabinet when I heard from outside, "Mommy, your toothbrush!"
Ethan found it. Ethan found it in his sandbox. Then Ethan told me that he had taken it to the sandbox. But that he should leave it in the bathroom. I agreed with him.
I'm glad the mystery is solved.


Grandma D said...

Well, I guess it could be worse....what if he put it in the toilet?

jen dare said...

ah yes, we have had on several occasions found a toothbrush on the floor behind the toilet...joshy frequently 'misfires' so, you get the idea of how grossed out we are when we find it!!!! i would prefer digging it out of a sandbox...:)

Yvonne LeBrun said...

I wonder how many times he's actually put it back? Might want to put it higher.

usmcfamily04 said...

um...yah...can't wait!!!!