Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Face Your Manga

by Paul
Recovering from surgery has given me a fantastic opportunity to lay around and do nothing.  Among my few accomplishments during 48 hours of narcotic-induced sloth is a visit to "Face Your Manga."  The website allows you to make a caricature of yourself, based on Asian anime, or manga.  
If you visit the site, I'll warn you up front it looks a little shady (hosted overseas, some questionable links, etc.) so I wouldn't put any personal info in or follow any ads but, for the image feature, it should be fine.  

Here's Abbey's rendition of her and I:

Here's my take (they didn't have military haircuts in there):

Funny how we both made them more or less the same.  

And just for S's & G's, here's my dad:

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  My lovely wife is downstairs as I write this, successfully wrestling two children and preparing a Thanksgiving feast.  All while her husband lazes in bed posting cartoon pictures to the family blog.  Ain't recuperation grand?   


Anonymous said...

that one of your Dad is a photograph, right?

Anonymous said...

That IS your day!! ha!!! Mandy