Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Votes have been tallied...

(mom I tried to call you to get the news to you first, but you weren't home...)

I can not believe it!  I woke up today to the sweet ringtone on my cell phone, and when I answered, my Darling husband gave me the fabulous news!  These kind of orders aren't set in stone (as most of you know) but they do hold firmer than regular orders since the board approved and selected Paul to be the OSO!
So now there are a few things that need to be done before our departure in APRIL!!! GAH! Can you believe it?!?! I am dumbfounded that I finally know "The Word"!!!
I will now be subscribing to the Nashville local newspapers, to get a sense of the "good cities" so we can start looking for HOUSES!!! OMG!!! The goodness floweth over!!!
And we need to look for houses for our respective family members that will be moving there as soon as we do...right? That is still happening right??? We're starting our own cult, right?? LOL!!
AGH! I am just so thrilled to finally have some idea where we are going!! Get me outta here!!!

So in the words of many "American Idols" (edited in favor of my post)

"I'm going to Nashville, Baby!!!!"

note** Please do not think I am that naive to actually put all my faith in Marine Corps orders as I know and have witnessed with friends that they sometimes change more than diapers on a newborn. I am just happy, so just be happy for me, ok?? :)


aviva5271 said...

I will be cautiously optimistic and excited until orders are in print and in your hands and stamped by a notary.

(I hope it all turns out the way you dream it to, Abbey!!)

The Peterson's said...

I am kind of from there so let me know if you need any help with houses. I love the Franklin area.

Mom said...

Well, I'll tell y'all right now, I'm not wearing a cowboy hat or cowboy boots when I visit!

Krista said...

Congrats Abbey, Nashville sounds great and that's so cool that he'll be an OSO!

Yvonne LeBrun said...

So happy for you guys! Maybe you can break out as a country singer while you're there? Heck, maybe you can photograph some of those fancy country singing folks?!

Good luck!

usmcfamily04 said...

April? YIKES. So far away.

Oh, Congratulations. LOL.

jen dare said...

can i just say that that is FANTASTIC!!!!!! maybe Ethan and Hannah will know who we are after all! lol...hope it doesn't get changed on you guys!

Janelle said...

This is what happens when I don't read your blog for a week-BIG news comes! That is so wonderful Abbey! YAY!