Tuesday, October 07, 2008


This is a post about nothing.  I just felt like posting, and hopefully while I am writing, something will come up that is of interest to blog followers.  Nothing new to report on the Nashville thing, it's still looking like a go, but we are trying to get in touch with the guy who works there now to get some info.  So if you are him by some psychotic chance, please email us, or don't, maybe that would be weird, to think you were reading our blog. Hmmm. Ok, email us. And give us your blog address so we can stalk you. Yeah, fair is fair right?Paul meets with the monitor today actually. I am thinking about going to see if he'll sign a paper to confirm that is where we are going so my mom will start believing me. Then she can really get excited. Although, I still don't think that would be enough proof for her, given our experience with "set dates and places" in the corps. LOL!So we are starting to look for house, but we don't think we'll make any huge decisions until we actually get there. You may find the perfect house, and then when you actually see it realize it's next to a raw sewage plant that smells like fish all day.  So, we'll do the physical rather than online purchasing for sure.Ethan's birthday is coming up, and he is getting...well, that would spoil it now wouldn't it. Of course we bought it while he was with us, so I guess we kind of already spoiled it. But hey, someone needs to be surprised, so I guess it'll have to be you. Let's just say it'll make his legs more muscular.Hannah has started sitting with us at dinner time.  She had some bites of breadstick, garlic bread, and tortilla shell lately, and though she is gagging it down, she's not horking it back up 3 hours later. I'm glad. Really Glad.Louie couldn't be happier that we're moving to Nashville. He's always expressed interest in starting a career as a country music star. We hope to get him enrolled in some lessons, and then maybe we can live off his income one day. Hopefully.Everything else is great. I got about 12 hats finished for the Kids Cottage on Lester (Shameless Plug), they should be up there today. If you live on Okinawa, go check them out.  Also, if anyone wants a special order for Chritmas, let me know, they run anywhere from $13-15 depending on style and buttons, ribbons, accessories, etc.  I can make pretty much any size.Here are some pics:

Hope everyone is well, blog at you soon,


usmcfamily04 said...

I love them all! how do you size them?

I am so excited about Louie being able to chase his country western dream!

I have a package ready for you...I estimate one week before I get to the post office--ha!!!!

Abbey said...

sizing goes:
Xs 0-3
S 3-6
M 6-12
L 12-36
In months

The Peterson's said...

What will Paul be doing in Nashville?

Anonymous said...

love love love the light green hat with cherry buttons, pattern or did you make it up?- Andrea