Thursday, September 25, 2008


I realized last night that I haven't posted any real "news" lately.  Although farts are a big thing in our home, I am guessing to you, they don't constitute as news (haha, I said con-sti-toot).
Anywho, things have been picking up speed a little bit lately with the school year starting up again.  MOSC (Spouses Club) started, and while I was NOT planning on doing it this year, a certain friend, (I won't mention any names, you know who you are and I will get you back for this) talked me into it.  The first "coffee" was this previous Monday.  It was alright, I guess.  Got to meet a few new people, and had some eggs, lots of different kinds of eggs.  And we got "gift bags".  But I'm not sure if that is the correct term.  More like "care packages".  We got a bunch of flyers advertising for businesses around the island, and then AAFES decided to really step it up a notch and chip in a very generic MALE focused care package.  Folks, we got "exchange select" brand Shaving cream, Twin blade razors, Deodorant, The largest bottle of Aspirin I've ever seen, baby powder, a package of to-go laundry detergent, peanuts, gummi bears (which tasted like soap) and a loofa.  Um, please don't call it a gift bag.  Thanks, I think, but please just do me a favor and put it all in a box and ship it straight to Iraq for them next time.  A waste of money at it's finest, and I don't think any of this stuff will get used.  I know someone from MOSC will most likely read this and think "what a total snot", but seriously, this isn't about MOSC.  This is about AAFES.  Step it up people.  If you wanted to give me something, how about a $5 giftcard. It would have been exactly what all this crap was worth.  Instead, they bought up all the loofas and now my friend can't find any at the PX, and she really needs one.  But I guess you only rate a loofa if you are an officer's wife.  
Ok, as you can see, I am little fed up with being overseas and am MORE than ready to move back home, or least find out WHERE we are going.  We still haven't heard from the monitor (guy who tells us where to go next) and I am getting antsy.  It is still 6 months away, and in Marine Time, that is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarr off, but I am a control freak and need to know NOW!  SO when I do know, you will know.  Trust me!  You will be the second people to get the news.  (Or third if I'm talking to my mom at the time the news comes in).
On the other hand, we have much to be thankful for.  Ethan is growing and getting more and more mature every day.  He started preschool at Cherry Blossom Sep 1st and he loves it.  He won't tell you that though.  When we leave in the a.m., he doesn't want to go to school.  But ironically, when I pick him up, he doesn't want to leave.  I think it's a control thing (don't know where he gets that from).  He does work every day like stamping, coloring, cutting and pasting, and he shows me "his work" every time I pick him up.  He learns so much, and he is the only kid in his class that knows his parents names. (At least that's what the teacher says, but sometimes I think they tell these "you're kid is soo smart" stories to all the parents.)
Hannah is FABULOUS!  She is the happiest baby I know, and she smiles every time she's doing anything.  All day long, she's smiling.  She still isn't eating any solids, though.  Not really sure when the doctors are going to start worrying about it, but I'm kind of getting to that point.  She gags every time food is put into her mouth. And yes, I have tried everything, store bought, home made, biter biscuits, oatmeal, rice, you name it, I've tried it.  It's not normal, because she takes tylenol just fine, and even puts everything she finds into her mouth.  I don't now what to do.  At least she's cute.  In fact, Paul says she won't have to get an education, she can just get by on her looks, I say she should go to Harvard...or was that the other way around...I forget..>LOL!  She loves everyone, and plays with anything.  She's growing like a weed, pulling up, cruising, and crawling so fast!  She ends up in the strangest places even if you look away for just a minute!  She is such a joy!
Ethan struggles with not being the only kid anymore.  He is having somewhat of a hard time sharing with her and being nice, but deep down we know he loves her, you can see it in his face.
Louie...well, he's alive, even after eating a lot of chocolate, strange plants, and plastic containers, so I guess he's indestructible.
Paul is doing well, trying to stay a float at work with all his tasks, but overall, it's better than the Aide job.  He is becoming an avid Apple fan, but when he starts dressing like Steve Jobs, that's when I'll worry.
Bible study started back up again, so I'm involved in that, and spouses club, and even taking on the task of making my own ball gown.  I have a month.  One month. Wish me luck.  (or just send me a check to go buy one when I run out of time). 
So that's about it.  Hope all is well with everyone and your families.  I really would have loved to come home at Christmas, but with flights the price they are, that just ain't happening.
Miss you all!
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"Hello, I'm from AAFES, and we would like our stuff back"

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