Tuesday, September 23, 2008

His Father's Son

Ethan (from Bathroom): "Mom, can you come wipe my butt??"
Mom: "Yes, I'm coming"

E: "I pooped"

M: "ok, flush and let's put your clothes back on"

E (backing up against the wall): "Hahahahaha"

M: "Do you need to go more?"

E: "no, hahaha, nope"

M: "Then put your clothes..."

E's rear end: "Fart" 

E: " hahahahahaha"

M: "ETHAN!" 

E's Rear End: "Fart."

E: "hahaha"
E's Rear End: "Toot."
E: "hehehehe!" 
E's Rear End: "Pfft."

M: "hehe, Ethan, come on."

E: Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtt! "HAHAHAH! That. Was. A. Big. One!!!!"

M: (insert Hysterical Laughter here.)

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